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20 October 2008


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Daniel Penton

These tips about good crisis communications on the NYT site caught my eye recently -

Summed up in three words its all about: Transparency, transparency, transparency.

It also gives some tangible steps that people can take today to be better prepared for workplace crises.

Daniel Penton

And the link to the NYT should work better without the full stop -

Liam FitzPatrick

Thanks Dan

I do still regret not challenging the PR Consultant who told a conference of internal communicators that CEO's should be free to get on with handling the media - and staff are understanding when the CEO goes to ground.

You couldn't make it up!


Marc Wright

The problem I often find is that the executive suite use the legal department as an excuse not to communicate. Talking to anyone during a crisis is pretty tough, so if the lawyers caution against it, then hey presto the Directors have an excuse to carry on digging themselves into a bigger hole of silence and obscurity.
If you ask a lawyer an opinion, then inevitably they will give it; and it will be on the side of saying less, not more. It's rather like blaming the weatherman when you don't go for that jog lest you get wet.

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