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09 November 2008


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Ian Buckingham

A witty post big man but get your facts right eh?

I don't see how you've managed to extract these conclusions from that particular Change Board blog. I was simply pointing out the increasing interest HR generally is taking in Internal Comms and how this is a sign of its growing importance.

Melcrum (and others), regularly publish stats to reflect this change in emphasis and as you know, there are also a range of ways to prove the impacts of IC which anyone in an IC role in the current climate should be actively pursuing.

As anyone who has read Brand Engagement will know, I passionately believe in independent professional accreditation for IC and am one of the chief flag wavers for the cause. And if you really do believe that face to face communication is an outmoded tactic - try telling that to the thousands of folk out there who are desperately trying to connect with their line managers during these dark days and are fed a diet of emails, glossy paper, videos and website updates instead.
I don't mind a good debate but your insights are lost here. Post your comments on the Change Board site and let's get cracking!

Liam Fitzpatrick

Ok, ok so I went over the top and the link seems to point to a more recent posting than the one that made me see red.

But I stand by two things:

1) Line managers are NOT the best channel of internal communications. They are very important, but any analysis that implies that they are number 1 for every occasion is flawed.

Having sat through endless meetings when line managers had all sorts of crap dumped on them to communicate, you'll have to forgive my limited patience with this old saw.

I don't want to reproduce all the excellent stuff said on this subject by Shel Holtz, Angela Sinickas and TJ Larkin - the essential point is that the world is more subtle than just 'line managers are best'.

2) I don't believe that there is any change whatsoever in the who runs IC evidence. The data to which you refer to reflects more the active database of the publisher concerned and how many people respond to a survey monkey request - it's not really that reliable.

In the last 15 years I have yet to meet an HRD who isn't concerned about IC and ready to step up when there is a shortfall - maybe I'm getting old but there isn't a trend and I have yet to see any evidence of it.

From the looks of things we probably agree on quite a lot and I'm certainly open to allegations about hot air pontification. So apology deserved for smart arse comments but...


Ian Buckingham

No problem! We do agree on an awful lot and I have no problem with a passionate debate. The Change Board column is deliberately provocative to try and lure people from the fence of idifference! I guess it worked. It's good to see the energy you put into this blog.
I'll come back to you on the line manager point when I get the chance as well as the survey/data issue. I've been doing some work with the former Interbrand Brand Evaluation guys. It may interest you Liam.
Keep pontificating.....


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