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30 November 2008


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Marc Wright

Mark Ragan once explained to me the economics of spam. You see, whenever you send out a mass mailing you get people unsubscribing - and Mark claimed that 15 unsubscribes for one sale was about the right level. Or was it 10? I forget. The fact is that few of us respond immediately to an ad for a masterclass or a webinar or a conference. We might think - "I should go to that..." But then do nothing about it. It's only on the second (or third) email that we get round to it - usually when the earlybird discount is about to expire.
The irritation with spam is a complex formula that I believe goes something like this:
i = irr x fr divided by q

i is the level of irritation
irr is the irrelevance of the offer to me
fr is the frequesncy
and q is the quality of the offer in thefirst place

If irritation goes above 5 then I don't blame anyone for unsubscribing.

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