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12 December 2008


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Kelly Kass

Welcome aboard, Daniel!

Now can you get me three 1,200 word articles by Monday morning?

Your friendly Editor at simply-communicate,

Kelly xx

Marc Wright

Welcome aboard Daniel. It's great to have you with us.
Now there's this small problem I'm having with my Safari web browser.....


Daniel, enjoy your time - I am counting down :)

You are spot on with the dell machines, such a hassle working with them, bless the macs!


Hi Daniel,

So, the question is, have you managed to stop Liam stroking and admiring the Mac and start actually doing some work on it ...?

Best of luck with the job, and with Mr Fitz. And as one who's put up with - erm,I mean, had the pleasure of working with - him for the past few years, I'd like to set you the following two challenges (at which I dismally failed):

1. See if you can cure him of the desire to 'chat up the stewardesses' on planes. It's embarrassing, and he really shouldn't be eating the extra sandwiches he's trying to wheedle out of them anyway. Tell him to think of his waistline.

2. Stop those unnecessary displays of lycra. The whole world does not need to keep seeing him in his cycling shorts every time he has a new photo. I'm sure you could get the blog to develop a 'fault' when he next feels the need to publish one ...

Good luck!


Dan Penton

Thanks everyone for your comments.

@Sue - Liam cycled in to work today, so any displays of lycra from him are not limited to photographs unfortunately.


nice one Dan - keep me posted on developments - particularly on good sushi houses in the area....

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